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Cancer Cases Cured With Homeopathy Treatment

Sme of The Cancer cases Cured With Homeopathic Treatment by Eli G Jone of USA

Case No.1. Cancer of Breast
By: Dr B.R. Chugha
Chief Medical Officer, Govt. Homeopathic General Hospital, India.

The disease started a year and half before she consulted me. In narrating her history she told me that she suffered from penumonia some time back and was given a number of penicillin injection. Six months after she was cured of this pneumonia she began to feel some irritation in both the breast. At first she thought that it was only a case of ordinary itching for which she started applying some ordinary medicines on them.

A short time later the irritation subsided giving place to a small nodule which continued to grow bigger and bigger in spite of repeated application of hot poultices, etc. It was supposed to be an ordinary boil in the beginning. She consulted an alloptahic doctor, who dignosed it as a cold tumor.

The doctor, prescribed some medicines both for internal and external use, the internal being one of the 'Sulpha group. The result was that the so called cold tumor instead of yielding to the treatment continude to grow as ever before. Other symptoms like burning in urination and pain in the breasts also apperead.

Further diagnosis revealed that it was a case of cancer. X-Ray treatment was given but with no effect. Penicillin injections were also tried. Ultimately it was decidedd to operate upon it. By this time the breast had become very loose and enlarged and the fibrous growth was of the size of a small orange in each breast.

At this stage some one suggested that before operation, why not try homeopathy. This agreed upon she came to me for consultation and treatment. After a careful study of her symptoms and her history I came to the conclusion that it was a case of suppressed 'psora and sycosis and penicillin injections had added fuel to the fire. Further examination also revealed that there was pus in urine.
I have gave 'Phytolacca IM one dose every week for 3 months. The hard mass in the breast had become slightly softer.

The next step I gave 'Thuja 1M'. After one week or so the aggravation came on and the pateint was very restless and could get very litte sleep. The amount of pus in the urine had considerably increased and some cough also appeared. But I knew that all this was the result of my medicine.

Burning and pain subsided after about a month and there was hardly and trace of pus in urine. All the same 'Thuja 1M' was continued for another two months. After the expiry of six months, the two malignant growths had begun to show signsn of subsiding. The were looking much smaller than before.

For another two months I changed the medicine to Causticum. At the ednd of this period the two growths were reduced to the size of a pea-nut.
On the ten months I gave Conium 1M and she was now practically cured.

Case No. 2: Cancer of Left Jaw

Some 2 yaers ago she was suffering from Pyorrhoea. The doctor and dentist advised her to get all her teeth extracted. Consequently two teeth were extracted to begin with and before more could be taken she developed pain and inflammation which did not permit of nay further extraction and could not yield to any treatment.

After 6 moths of misery, a local hsopiatl diagnosed to be a case of cancer. She , however, resolutely refused to undergo the operation and instead came to me for consultation.

After taken all symptoms, I gave her 'Thuja 10M, one dose for a month. After one month of waiting patiently the hardness bacme comparatively softer and inflammation also began to show signs of abating.
This follow up by 'Hydratis' for one month and Thuja 50M for another month.
Ther result were very satisfactory. All her symptoms including the hard lump and had practically vanished leaving only a little hardness at the seat of the extracted teeth.

I then gave her 'Syphytum 3X bid for 22 days and that completely cureed her.
For her Pyorrhoea which still lingered on slightly I gave her kali Carb 1M and Acid Sulp alternately everu 15th day. And that was rtthe end of all her troubles. She is now looking a picture of health.

CASE NO.3 women 75 years old,whose habits of life had benn regular,naver had any protracted illness to use up her"reserve force" which was all needed as the sequel will show.
she had been treated by a rectal specialist for piles.there were three tumors in the rectum about six inches above the anus.pieces of one of these tumors had been examinedby two pathologist and they pronounced it "adenoid cancer" the family physician was a graduate of heidelberg"germany ;a fine man and one of the best Greek scholars in this country.

case no.4
In 1906 I was consulted by DR.G.S. farquhar of Zanesville,Ohio,about his wife,who had cancer of the stomach,and i advised a plan of treatment for her as is given in this book.in this book.
in 1907 I received a latter from him as follows "one year ago i prepared myself for such a thing as this.my wife,you will remember,presented all symptoms of cancer of the stomach and i truly thought it a mere matter of time when i should be calles upon to follow her to the grave,but thanks to you for the information given me,and to you alone, i owe my wife's existence as i am satisfied she mould have died. As it is she is nowin good health.now in 1911,five years later,she remains free from the disease.

case no.5
In October,1910,a gentleman from pennsylvania came under my treatment for cancer of the stomach.
he had been sick for a year and had been examined by two old experienced physicians who have been in practice for overthirty years and there is no question about the correcttness of the diagnosis.when he first came under my treatment his nerves mewe very weak.he had diminished in weight from 215 pounds to 140 pounds. I examined his stomach and found a growth in the region of the pylorus.it was about an inch high,about two inches in diameter at the base and very sentive to the touch.He could not bear to have his hands or clothes touch this region.his pulse was the pulse of cancer weak and rapid,the tongue was broad and indented,the white of the eye had the pearly tint of cancer showwing a drain upon the system.his stomach had troubled him more or less for serverl years. at times he had a diarrhoea that lasted for some time.he had chronic nasal catarrh and spinal hyperemia as a complication.I gave him acetic acid 1st X dulution,five drops once in four hours in alternation with the acetic acid.I also gave him the double sulphide tablets (Burgess),one tablet after each meal and at bedtime.

in june,1876, i had a man come to me for treatment.
his case had been diagnosed as cancer of the rectum.
he had the morning diarrhea with burning pains in the rectum after each stool.There wes a cancerous ulcer just inside the anus.He was considerably emaciated and was anemic with no appetine.The pulse had a weak discouraged feeling.
I gave him sulph.strychnine one-thirtieth grain before meals and at bedtime,with ferrum first decimal,three grains after each meal.I also prescribed nitric acid,fifteen drops of third decimal dilution,in half a glass of water,once in theree hours.Locally i applied oil thuja 3i.to Veseline 3X.Mix and apply the selve to the ulcer three times a day.for the diarrhea he was given tincture nuphar lutea second decimal dilution five drops once in two hours

Cancer of Liver Cured With Homeopathy

A lady patient age 40 years, was reffered to me having enlarge Liver and later was dignosed as Cancer of Liver.
Patient refused operation.
She came to me with a very good symptomatolgy Chelidonium Majus which I gave 15 days. Followed up by Lycopodium for another 15 days.

Next I gave Cholestrinum, followed by by Beberis Vulgaris, Hydratis, Ornithogalum and lastly Carbo veg 30c.

All the symptoms were gone especially pain in the thigh and swelling on the right foot were gone altogther. After a long treatemnt of one year, she is quite cured of her cancer.

Cancer of Tongue
Case reported by Prof Nik Omar
Form Homeopathic Hospital, Kelantan.

This was not an advanced case of cancer but approaching singsn and symptoms were quite manifest. Letf half of the tongue had turned bluish grey. Although some burning was there the tongue was cold to touch. Some inflammation was also present. Salivation was excessive. She was advised for early operation but refused (takut )

After taking the complete case history, We have given her Hydratis 30c and followed up by 'Conium 30c' for one month.
For another two months, we have given her Calc. Flour 6x, b.i.d
This to be follow up again with 'Conium 200c' one dose daily for 15 days.
Suprising after 6 months of medication, she was almost normal. Up till now she is continuing the treatment as a precautionary measure.

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